A still from Laid To Rest of Chrome Skull Face

Laid to Rest

Directed and written by Robert Hall, Laid to Rest is a one in a million B-movie horror film. As someone who isn’t a big fan of B-movie horror, I generally dislike the content. Laid to Rest however, brings a different light to the genera with great violence and crisp cinematography. For a B-movie it was quit impressive.

This is what you would call a real slasher film. Some have trouble getting past the acting quality of the leading actress, and directors wife, Bobbi Sue Luther. Fortunately, poor acting is much a part of the B-movie slasher genre. The rest of the cast is surprisingly better than most B-movie expectations. They react like a real people would if confronted with a chrome faced killer. The real curiosity is what in the world is Lena Headey, known as Sarah Conner in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, doing in a B-movie?

Robert Hall did a fabulous job as the director, creating tension and true scares. Overall Laid to Rest is an excellent slasher film for those people who like that sort of thing. But be forewarned that this is for fans only; if you don’t like real horror stay far away.

If I had to pick out some things to criticize, there were a few parts that dragged and the acting wasn’t the best, but what can you expect from B-movie cinema. Regardless of whether or not you are a B-movie horror fan, I would highly recommend watching this film.




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