A production still from Piranha 3D of the piranha's about to eat a woman

Outrages Violence Can Make For An Awesome Film

Piranha 3D is so ridiculous that it is awesome. The violence and nudity are over the top, but the action ties it together in an explosive show. The film is about prehistoric fish that were stuck in an underwater cavern in Lake Victory, although clearly shot at Lake Havasu. A tremor rocks the earth allowing the piranha to escape and reek havoc on spring breakers.

To be honest, the plot is the smallest part of this film. The film is really just about these piranha’s killing people, and I mean killing people. Completely unnecessarily ridiculous, but awesome and gruesome death scenes. It’s the kind of ridiculousness that you can embrace and have fun with it. For how crazy everything is, it seems pretty realistic.

The character development is lacking, but I think that was the least of the directors worries on this one. Some of the decisions where a little too stupid on the part of the characters, but it wouldn’t be a B-Movie without that.

If you are looking for some gory fun, just go see this movie.

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