Multiple production stills from the movie Tales of Frankenstein

Tales of Frankenstein (1958)

The Tales of Frankenstein, staring Anton Diffring as Doctor Baron Frankenstein, is definitely something of interest for fans of early monster movies. It was quite the fun film to watch. The film is a pilot for a TV series that never got picked up, so it’s a short film. It’s a black and white gem with a good plot, engaging acting, and a great atmosphere that you would expect from an old fashioned monster movie.

Fun fact, I never knew that Frankenstein wasn’t the monster. That always confused me. This seems to be a common mistake among viewers. In the book, the monster isn’t given a name. It’s not exactly clear when this misunderstanding began, but Glen Tickle over at theorizes that:

it happened around the time of the 1931 James Whale Universal Studios adaptation. The poster for which, prominently features The Creature and the word “Frankenstein”. Anyone not familiar with the story, could easily conclude that the monster in the poster is named Frankenstein.”

– Glen Tickle


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