Image of the moon
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The Blob Found on The Moon

“Don’t be afraid, it’s just a movie.” Well I guess we can’t use that excuse anymore. Something massive has been discovered lurking underneath the surface of the far side of the moon. It is being referred to as a mysterious blob containing a mass of metal five times the size of Hawaii’s Big Island.

The blob was discovered about 180 miles beneath the South Pole of the moon. It is inside a colossal crater created billions of years ago. Could this be evidence of an alien space craft cash landing? Researcher Peter James of Baylor University says that the blob is likely related to the crater’s formation and may be what remains of an ancient foreign object’s metal core. The blob appears to be dragging down the lunar landscape in a depression. Supporting this theory is the fact that recent measurements have proven the crater to be 40 miles larger than what was previously understood during measurements in the past.

False-color graphic shows the topography of the far side of the moon. The warmer colors indicate high topography and the bluer colors indicate low topography. The South Pole-Aitken Basin is shown by the shades of blue. The dashed circle shows the location of the mass anomaly under the basin.
Photograph By: NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center / University of Arizona

This giant crater has become the topic of discussion for multiple future missions to the moon. I know what you’re thinking, “this is how horror movies start.” But curiosity is a incurable disease as scientists are already raring to study the mass. They hope is that this research could help to illuminate how lunar bodies grow over time.

The beautiful thing about our universe is that there is so much out there that we don’t understand. We look to the far stars, but we don’t even know everything about our closet neighbor. On our very own moon, research is far from over as we make new discoveries. It is both fascinating to fulfill our curiosity as well as a bit scary. The question remains; What will we find and will the discovery lead to danger?

A production still from the 1958 movie The Blob of the blob consuming someone

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