A production still from the movie The Last Exorcism with Ashley Bell bending backwards

They Should Have Sent A Chiropractor

What we are dealing with in The Last Exorcism is a preacher who doesn’t believe in what he is preaching. He does exorcists, but does it as a hoax and makes it an act, similar to a Benny Hinn. The preacher hires a documentary crew to film him so that he can show the world just how fake it is. Of course, it wouldn’t be a horror film without things going wrong.

The documentary style to this film adds to the scare in scenes, that I found to be quite frightening. The film feels different than most scares in other horror films and leaves a lot to the imagination. More often than not, we see the aftermath of something and not the actual act. It’s filmed in a style that is a lot more appealing than most mockumentaries and feels more realistic.


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The Hiawatha impact crater is covered by the Greenland Ice Sheet, which flows just beyond the crater rim, forming a semicircular edge. Part of this edge (top of photo) and a tongue of ice that breaches the crater’s rim are shown in this photo taken during a NASA Operation IceBridge flight on April 17, 2018.
Meteorite Crater Discovered Under Greenland Ice
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