A production still from the movie The Mist of Thomas Jane, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, Frances Sternhagen, and Nathan Gamble

Monsters are Better When Hidden in The Mist

The Mist is an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist and is about a town that is overrun by a thick mist that suddenly engulfs the town. Hidden in the mist is a horde of random monsters, most of which we never get to see the entirety of. The civilians are forced to hide in a supermarket and quickly begin to fight among themselves. Screenplay written and directed by Frank Darabont, the film takes on a story about society as a whole and not just a monster movie. Issues between extremist Christians and panicked citizens cause more problems inside, than what is happening out. It’s a story about the state of society in an end of days scenario. The creatures remind me of something out of H. P. Lovecraft’s mind.

The pacing was well done and it allowed for audience participation in bonding with the characters. All moments felt very realistic for this type of situation. With the exception of one horrifying scene, the gore in the film was tasteful and there was a healthy amount of blood shown on screen.


The film is a fun experience to watch in general, but the ending has to be one of the best endings I’ve seen in a horror film. It wasn’t the original ending in the book, but Stephen King was very pleased by its originality. He was quoted with saying:

When Frank was interested in The Mist, one of the things that he insisted on was that it would have some kind of an ending, which the story doesn’t have — it just sort of peters off into nothing, where these people are stuck in the mist, and they’re out of gas, and the monsters are around, and you don’t know what’s going to happen next. When Frank said that he wanted to do the ending that he was going to do, I was totally down with that. I thought that was terrific. And it was so anti-Hollywood — anti-everything, really! It was nihilistic. I liked that. So I said you go ahead and do it.

It is the most shocking ending ever and there should be a law passed stating that anybody who reveals the last five minutes of this film should be hung from their neck until dead.

– Stephen King

I want to encourage people to see this film, so I will respect Mr. King’s wishes and keep the secret to myself, but I have to say that it has to be the next best ending to a movie since the first Saw.


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