A side by side image of Hugh Keays-Byrne in both Mad Max and Mad Max: Fury Road

Toecutter Survived to Become Immortan Joe

Although Max from Mad Max tried to kill Toecutter, played by Australian actor Hugh Keays-Byrne in the original film, it would seem that Max failed. In the newest addition to the series, Mad Max Fury Road, the leading villain with the fiberglass body armor, long white hair, and sinister oxygen mask known as Immortan Joe is in fact the very same man who terrorized the Australian plains 36 years earlier as the original villain to Max, Toecutter.

When it came down to filming the new Mad Max, director George Miller called up Keays-Byrne for the opportunity to join him on Fury Road. Keays-Byrne responded, “I thought, didn’t Toecutter drive in front of a moving truck and die?” Miller confirmed Toecutter’s death, but wanted him to play another villain named Immortan Joe who is the leader of a post-apocalyptic village.

Although Miller confirmed Toecutter’s death, there can still be some clues that Toecutter may have survived. After being run over by a truck he would probably need something to help him breath and a body cast to hold his broken body together. This description doesn’t sound too far fetched when we look at Immortan Joe. Of course the fact that both are played by the same actor in the same universe helps the case.


An interesting antidote about both of these Mad Max films is that Max is not responsible for ether of these villain’s death, although he may have assisted in the long wrong.

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