A production still from the movie Twilight of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

How Not To Adapt A Book

Pretty boys and over exaggerated lip biting do not make for a good film. I have read these books and actually thoroughly enjoyed them. When the film came out, I was of course intrigued to see it. The film was completely disappointing. Director Catherine Hardwicke and writer Melissa Rosenberg simply failed because they tried to put way too much from the book into this movie. Books just don’t translate to the screen like that. The only person to successfully accomplish that was Stanley Kubrick with A Clockwork Orange.

Besides Kristen Stewart’s bland acting full of fake emotion, the leads of Bella and Edward just didn’t come across as interesting characters. Is it so much to ask for a heroine who isn’t so whiny and can be more than a helpless catalyst? Maybe even a vampire that doesn’t sparkle or who isn’t so damn broody.

The cinematography was interesting, but it was also odd. I found myself being distracted by the choices. Put simply, this is a film that should be used as a reference for how not to adapt a book into a motion picture.


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